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Verandeno Clothing home of the Uniquebrief Speciality Undergarment

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Undergarments no longer have to be boring! Verandeno Clothing is working to develop a line of creative, comfortable and functional Undies that consumers will not only need, but want. This line includes the patented Uniquebrief Specialty Undergarment (shown below) that offers more than just comfort.

The Uniquebrief is designed to help you perform better and feel more comfortable while you are playing sports. The Uniquebrief can be worn comfortably anytime, whether during sports and activities or lounging around.


The 100% cotton crotch panel inside the Uniquebrief is the special feature that supports a pad, pad with wings, or panty liner securing it to help minimize leakage.


Open and secure hygiene product to inside crotch panel of garment as shown in image.

Please discard of hygiene products properly.

Once purchased, this product is non-returnable for hygienic reasons. Refer to our Return/Exchange policy for more information.