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Verandeno Clothing home of the Uniquebrief Speciality Undergarment


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Age Friendly • Gender Balanced • Universal Brand

Get V'd Up!

Verandeno Clothing is an inclusive, creative, casual brand that recognizes the importance of being balanced! When wearing our product, we hope you find yourself in a state of confidence, comfort and BLISS! Our focus is on casual dressing statements, athleisure wear, and underwear.

Our image is to help others build a positive character, reflect good vibes, generate energy and offer creative expressions through quality unique garments that capture and match the originality of their personality.

Get V'd Up!

Verandeno Clothing


V'd Up

V'd Up is an expression meaning one is wearing Verandeno Clothing. It is amongst the most popular items of the first collection. I look forward to seeing you V'd Up!



We create gender neutral universal products. As this brand grows, we will strive to establish a very comfortable, nonjudgemental shopping environment.

Giving Back

There are a host of charities and events that we select to participate in.

Current Outreach:

Teaming up with Platinum Basketball