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Dustin Thomas Adventures

Sheika Taylor

Verandeno Clothing has connected up with someone who is very confident and driven. Not to mention when he say he's taking a trip, he really goes somewhere that would require the courage to attempt and explore. Places that you and I likely just dream of. Once there, these places are so beautiful and certainly are less traveled. During this summer Dustin Thomas and I talked about traveling. He told me he didn't like the same ole vacation places and decided he wanted to do something different. He challenge himself and "Go places others won't." I loved that statement, it inspired me and I wanted it on a shirt to encourage others. Those are very powerful words and I can only hope others will step up and use them to journey to the next level in their lives. With that said, I thought it great to have the "V" go along with him!

Show him some love and check out the awesome pictures from the places he has gone. Visit under Dustin Thomas Adventures and for the latest Dustin Thomas Adventures merchandise.

Dustin Thomas - Banff, Lake Louise. Jasper

Dustin Thomas - Banff, Lake Louise. Jasper