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Sheika Taylor

Later today I will be out at Play Dance Bar showing some love to former queen Karmyn Desire St. James and Mac of Mac Productions as she host the 11th Miss Tennessee Diamond Diva Pageant. Come out and see some entertainment and cheer on all these great participants. They work extremely hard to prepare for this so come join us and see who takes the crown. Also yours truly had the honor of designing this years souvenir booklet. If you buy one, find the Verandeno Clothing ad which has a promo code on it. Verandeno Clothing will pop up with a few Uniquebriefs on hand. If you haven't seen them in person come check them out. You may also make a purchase. Limited supplies on hand tonight. If you miss out, you can always go on line to to shop! Thank you for your support. AGAIN tonight at 8pm stop in, have some fun, hang out and people watch. The theme is CARNIVAL so wear bright colors, beads or whatever you feel is exciting, vibrant and fun! I hope to see you there. GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE CONTESTANTS!

Go For Gold!

Sheika Taylor

Since I'm here I might as well say it "Go for Gold!" As I look forward to tonight's Olympic Opening ceremony I want to send wishes of luck to all competitors. Check out this special design inspired by USA Olympic colors. Shop Now!


The Uniquebrief is Game Changing!

Sheika Taylor

Verandeno Clothing is giving back! We have selected to sponsor the Platinum travel basketball team for their upcoming season. They are trying out the New Uniquebrief Specialty Undergarments. This team operates on a limited budget with a volunteer coaching staff who believes in these players so much they have organized this program to prove it! Thus far it has shown successful as some college coaches have shown interest in the players. In order to fund this initiative, Team Platinum needs help with travel expenses, equipment, uniforms, registration fees, food and more. Now you can Shop to Donate. For every pair of Uniquebriefs sold through December 2016 Team Platinum will receive some funding from Verandeno Clothing. Every little bit helps, so please consider this and buy Uniquebriefs! Find out more about Team Platinum at